Business continuity

Integrated Management Policy

We live in an increasingly complex and interdependent environment in which deep changes take place quickly. For this reason, our strategic business plan is defined with a long-term vision through 2030, but is revised annually to adapt guidelines, tactics and targets to the new realities.

This ongoing endeavor to adapt to the various situations in our corporate reality is also embedded in our Organizational Culture - providing all the decisions and activities maintain compliance with our Code of Ethics and Conduct, Our Commitment (detailed in People Management) and our Integrated management Policy.

Comprising the concept of participative management, the environmental, occupational health and safety, innovation, quality excellence and ethics and integrity dimensions in our Integrated Management Policy set out the following guidelines:

  1. Providing safe and healthy working conditions to prevent incidents, injuries and occupational illnesses in business processes;
  2. Managing occupational health and safety risks and hazards and environmental impacts and issues through seamless dynamic practices;
  3. Ensuring the participation and consultation of employees, service providers and, where applicable, their representatives about matters related to occupational health and safety;
  4. Protecting the environment with anti-pollution measures, sustainable practices and managing risks and opportunities stemming from our activities, products and services;
  5. Raising customer satisfaction by meeting requisites, innovations and technological solutions;
  6. Guaranteeing compliance, impartiality and consistent operation of our activities, products and services;
  7. Engaging people (employees and service providers) in participatory management and ethical practices to achieve results;
  8. Complying with legislation and other requirements applicable to its activities, products and services;
  9. Continually improve Management Systems, to enhance our performance and efficacy.

Production data (‘000 t) 2019 2020 2021
Ferroniobium 109,40 68,85 91,92
Special products 13,50 5,37 7,79
Total 122,90 74,22 99,71

Financial results

In line with global mega trends of electrification, urbanization, sustainability and digital transformation, we have bolstered our plans for rapid growth based on new applications in the steel industry and diversifying into new markets. To achieve this, in 2021 we invested further in the strategy targeting new business segments, seeking to expedite the introduction of applied Niobium technologies into the global market, especially in the batteries segment.

The combination of robust investments made by the Company and the global economic recovery following the Covid-19 pandemic, especially in the steel and aeronautical sectors, translated into a 64% increase in the Company’s net revenue in 2021 compared with 2020, amounting to R$ 11.4 billion.

Key economic indicators (R$ billions) 2019 2020 2021
Equity 1,7 2,1 1,6
Net income 2,9 2,5 4,5
Net revenue 8,6 7,0 11,4