CBMM invests in a graphene company

The partnership will enable synergies between graphene and Niobium, increasing solutions for customers

The world leader for Niobium technology for 64 years, CBMM has recently made an investment for a minority share of 2DM– a company dedicated to graphene technology, located in Singapore. The partnership reinforces CBMM’s journey in Niobium technology and in the development of innovative solutions for its customers. 

CBMM has identified a potential application synergy with graphene – since the bidimensional material can be used in areas common to Niobium, such as in the automotive industry (including batteries for electric vehicles), construction and infrastructure, electric/electronic applications, among others. 

Thanks to decades of investments in its Niobium processing and application technology program, CBMM has become the world market leader and its history is directly linked to this metal’s development. And it is with this experience that the Company has begun to explore synergistic opportunities with Niobium, its core material product base.

2DM is a spin-off from the National University of Singapore, which is the main research center for graphene in Asia. The versatile potential of such material, derived from graphite, has been discussed over the years and its advantages as an industrial additive to improve structural properties have stood out among advanced materials. Protagonist among the 2D materials, graphene has been recognized for its features as electricity conductor, thermal properties, strength and lightweight, among other characteristics that place it as one of the most promising materials for the following decade. 

With this partnership, CBMM’s main goal is to take advantage of all the possible synergies between graphene and Niobium to increase solutions for its customers. The Company believes that it can contribute through its recognized capabilities in the development of materials and application technologies, market expansion and in the development of customers with global presence.

About 2DM
About 2D Materials Pte Ltd
2D Materials Pte. Ltd. (2DM) manufactures high performance graphene as an industrial additive to enhance the properties of many industrial materials such as paints & coatings, batteries, composites, polymers and lubricants. Its mission is to expand the frontier of materials application through the use of high performance graphene.

The company’s core technology is a proprietary graphene production process developed at the Centre for Advanced 2D Materials at National University of Singapore, the first dedicated Centre towards graphene research in Asia, which was established under the leadership of Prof. Antonio Castro Neto and the scientific advice of Nobel Laureates in Physics for graphene – A. Geim and K. Novoselov.

2DM is a spin-off company from the National University of Singapore and its founders and advisors are among the foremost internationally renowned experts in the graphene and materials field.

Additional information about 2DM, a privately held company, is available at www.2dmsolutions.com