CBMM adopts the best engineering practices and new technologies when planning its dams. Such practices extend to the phases of the dams’ implementation, operation, monitoring, maintenance or de-characterization.


With over 60 years of history in product development and application of niobium technology, CBMM reaffirms its commitment to the safety of the community and the environment where it operates. In addition, it works proactively and transparently together with official agencies on the Safety Management of its Dams.




A Dam is an artificial structure which has the objective of retaining water, sediments, tailings or waste.


Dams are currently linked to several activities which bring benefits to human development such as:


- Electricity production;
- Water supply;
- Flood control in rainy periods;
- Agricultural irrigation;
- Mining and industrial waste disposal;
- Recreation and tourism


CBMM has 6 dams in its Industrial Complex

It has a specialized technical team for the management of its dams which comprises of engineers, technicians and trained professionals who oversee the safety of all phases during these structures lifespan.

Dam 4
Dam 5
Dam 6
Dam 7
Dam 8
Dam D

How are the dams managed?