In more than 60 years, as well as being dedicated to research and product development in new applications for Niobium technology, sustainability and safety have always been our priorities.


We are committed to protecting the environment, our employees and the community in which we operate. Therefore, we work in a proactive and transparent manner in partnership with the competent bodies in dam safety management.




A Dam is an artificial structure which has the objective of retaining water, sediments, tailings or waste.


Dams are currently linked to several activities which bring benefits to human development such as:


- Electricity production;
- Water supply;
- Flood control in rainy periods;
- Agricultural irrigation;
- Mining and industrial waste disposal;
- Recreation and tourism


Our industrial complex comprises six dams:

In order to ensure continuous improvement, we constantly invest in the refinement of our procedures and processes and in the application of new and efficient dam management and inspection technologies, adopting the best engineering practices for setting up projects in all phases - implementation, operation, monitoring, maintenance or closing. In order to maximize safety, we have our own dam control and management specialist team. In addition, we count on technical support from companies which are nationally and internationally recognized so as to ensure the implementation of the best and most rigorous tools and methodologies available in the market, thus guaranteeing high safety standards.

Dam 4
Dam 5
Dam 6
Dam 7
Dam 8
Dam D

How are the dams managed?