Our History

The development of Niobium technology is our history

Our operations began in the 1950s, in the city of Araxá, state of Minas Gerais - Brazil, where our industrial park is located.
From the beginning, our work has been closely linked to the development of Niobium technology.

At that time little was known about the potential of this material.It has taken years of investment in research and development in order to understand niobium effectiveness and to demonstrate the advantages that make Niobium an unparalleled element in its main applications. 

It was through this path that we became a technology company.And today, with a consolidated market, we share this technology with the world and our Niobium products are applied in several sectors, transforming materials and contributing to several technological innovations.

As a technology company, we contribute to the development of important segments such as mobility, infrastructure, and distribution and generation of energy from renewable sources.In this way, we help to promote more technological innovations and sustainability.
This is the result of decades of investments and long-term strategic planning.


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