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Our history began more than 60 years ago, in the State of Minas Gerais, Southeastern Brazil. Little was known about Niobium before our foundation in the city of Araxá, and benefits that this material could bring to the segments in which it is currently applied. Therefore, we are very proud to have contributed to the development of this market.

Since innovation has always been part of our DNA, we have become the global leader in the production and commercialization of Niobium products, serving more than 400 customers in over 40 countries.

More than products, we provide technology and we share with the world our expertise in transforming materials into smarter solutions that can help to build a more sustainable, efficient future for everyone.

That's why we develop Niobium technology. So that the great challenges of today can always have a solution.

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Yes, we are. It’s been working in Brazil to the world that we established ourselves in the international market. We are a privately held company with Brazilian ownership control. Our profit is realized and consolidated in Brazil, and all of our technology is generated in Brazil and the majority of our collaborators is allocated here as well.
No. Although 90% of the current global production of niobium products is concentrated in Brazil, there are deposits in Russia, Canada, Greenland, Angola, Gabon, Kenya, United States, China, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Tanzania, Democratic Republic from Congo, Finland, Malawi, Norway, South Africa, Zambia, Namibia, India, Spain and other countries.
No, we don’t sell pyrochlore (the ore which is the base for the production of niobium). We only sell processed, industrialized products. The production process of our niobium products has metallurgical and chemical characteristics, and involves more than 15 processing and industrialization stages.
Yes, we have a global presence. Our headquarters are located in Brazil, and we have offices and subsidiaries in China, the Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland and the United States.
Yes, we work constantly to ensure a stable supply for the entire market and, therefore, we measure our production capacity. Our products are kept in a wide network of outsourced warehouses, strategically located to serve our customers worldwide. Our warehouses keep sufficient stock levels to readily meet the needs of our customers, ensuring them access to an uninterrupted flow of high-quality products.
No. Although we are a market leader, we are not the only company in the niobium segment and, therefore, we do have competitors. The prices of niobium products follow the supply and demand market rules and are based on the value that the product adds in the application chain.
We have our own mining rights, and so does the State of Minas Gerais through CODEMIG. Both entities leased their rights to Comipa, a private limited company with shared management created for the sole purpose of mining the ore (pyrochlore). Comipa sells pyrochlore exclusively to CBMM, which is responsible for the processing, industrialization and commercialization of final niobium products. CODEMIG receives, through profit-sharing corporation, 25% of the entire operation results (including the sale of products originated from CBMM's mining rights). The State of Minas Gerais, through CODEMIG, has participation in the subsidiaries profit, which is consolidated in CBMM Brazil. This partnership has existed in its current form since 1972. CODEMIG audits profit-sharing corporation  on a quarterly basis.

Our capital is human

We believe that creating and promoting the improvements and innovations capable of transforming everyone's lives is mainly people’s responsibility. That is why we build and maintain genuine and transparent relationships with all our partners around the world.


Our team is highly qualified and committed to providing innovative technologies and products.

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Reliability has been a priority at CBMM since the very beginning of operations. The company's first ISO certification (Quality) was granted in the early '90s. Over the years significant milestones were achieved, including being the first metallurgy and mining company to earn ISO 14001 (Environmental) and the first company in Latin America to receive Nadcap (Materials) accreditation.


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